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Operation Product
Silicon Material
Silicon is abundantly available. The production of silicon material for semiconductor is made available with mature technology and low cost. With superior thermal characteristics and mechanical performance, silicon is the most important functional material for semiconductor production. Over 95% of IC chips and semiconductor devices are made from silicon chips. Silicon material is also widely used in solar PV product

Silicon products include polysilicon, monocrystalline silicon (Czochralski and zone melting) and silicon epitaxial wafer, etc. In addition to the use of making monocrystalline silicon, polysilicon can be used directly in casting polysilicon ingots, and then processed into thin-film solar photovoltaic cells. Czochralski monocrystalline silicon finds a broad range of applications in integrated circuits and low/medium power devices. Zone melting monocrystalline silicon is mainly used for high-power semiconductor devices, such as rectifier diodes, silicon controlled rectifier, high-power transistor, etc. Epitaxial films are used in great quantity for making bipolar integrated circuits, high-frequency transistors, low-power transistors and other devices.

As a shareholder of Shaanxi Non-ferrous Metal Holding Group Ltd., Shaanxi Tianhong Silicon Materials Co., Ltd., located in Weicheng district, Xianyang city, Shaanxi province, is mainly engaged in the production of polysilicon material. With improved Simens process applied, the company will have an annual production of polysilicon of 3750 tons after the first phase of the project arrivals at its full capacity, satisfying the demand from IC and PV industries.

Located in the Electronic City of High-Tech Zone, Xian city, the Shaanxi Huashan Semiconductor Materials Plant, under the management of Shaanxi Non-ferrous Metal Holding Group Ltd, mainly produces silicon single crystal rods and serial products used for integrated circuit and solar energy products with an annual production of 180 tons. Its products have been sold both at home and abroad.
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