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Project Cooperation

Overseas Development Business of Shaanxi Non-ferrous Metal Holding

Group CO., Ltd.

Shaanxi Non-ferrous Metal Holding Group Ltd. (SNMHG) carries out overseas development with the guiding ideology of taking market as orientation, economic benefit as center, and enterprise as main investor to achieve diversified development. Under the policy of simultaneous operation of trade, exploration and development, SNMHG seeks multiple means to open a channel to foreign mineral resources that can steadily supply the highly demanded resources in China, and gradually establish resource reserve and production base overseas, achieving SNMHGs strategic layout. According to the principle of supplying the resources that are not available, badly needed or low in quality in our country, SNMHG places its investment and development focus on the mineral resources strategically important for our country, and develop the resources in African, Latin American and Asian mineral-rich countries by relying on China's political and geographical advantages, so as to open up both domestic and foreign markets. SNMHG strives to create conditions to control more resources, tap its potential to participate in international competition, and achieve a harmonious order for the development and management of overseas mineral resources

At present, SNMHGs overseas business involves joint prospecting and development of mineral resources, and merger and acquisition of related enterprises, including lead-zinc, copper, cobalt-copper, nickel and other mines in African, South American, Asian, North American and Oceanian countries and regions

Shaanxi Non-ferrous Metal Holding Group CO., Ltd. Resource Department
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